8 x 20 sec L-Sit/knee raise/hollow body

Every :30 seconds for 5 minutes
1-3 Strict HSPU 



40 Double Unders
10 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups 


Featured Athlete: Louie Luna
We are excited to share with you our new Featured Athlete Louie L. Louie has made tremendous progress through his dedication and commitment to training. He is a great athlete and training partner, as well as a joy to coach. Please join us by following the link to read about his progress and selec
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Fourth of July Hours
Hey CrossFit Yuma! Our schedule this Friday, July 4th will be as follows:9 AM Student Strength and Conditioning Class 10 AM Group CrossFit Class Saturday will return to our normal schedule. Have a safe Fourth of July weekend!
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